Slide Out Shelf Common Questions

We’ve put together a list of our frequently asked questions so you can have a full understanding of our services! Check out the information below and see how we take care of everything when you get custom slide-out shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are slide-out shelves?

Slide-out shelves are custom-built shelves that are installed inside existing cabinets that slide in and out, making your home storage easier to access and get to items in the back of your cabinets. The term shelf actually refers to more of a drawer box that is installed in your cabinet.

How do slide-out shelves differ from traditional fixed shelves?

Traditional fixed shelves cannot be moved in and out. Slide-out shelves, on the other hand, are able to be pulled out of your cabinet, allowing you to access items stored in the back of the cabinet more easily.

What areas do you serve?

Wichita and surrounding areas – we’ve gone out as far as Little River, KS, to install slide-out shelves. Give us a call at (316) 712-6060 to find out if we can install in your area!

Can slide-out shelves be installed in any type of cabinet?

Slide-out shelves can be installed in most types of cabinets, including base cabinets, pantry cabinets, and corner cabinets.

How long does it take to install slide-out shelves?

Your custom slide-out shelves will be installed in one day.

How are slide-out shelves installed?

Slide-out shelves are custom-made to fit the dimensions of your cabinets. They are installed by our employee craftsmen using special runners or tracks, which allow the shelves to slide in and out smoothly.

Who installs the slide-out shelves?

Our employee craftsmen, who are fully trained, background-checked, bonded and insured, install the slide-out shelves.

How can I get a consultation?

You can call our office at 316-712-6060 to schedule a FREE consultation to see how your cabinets, pantry, and home can be transformed.

Will I lose storage space in my cabinets after having slide-out shelves installed?

The short answer is yes. Long answer is what you lose in space you gain in function and access – since slide-out shelves must fit between the left and right opening of your cabinets, you will lose the space along the sides behind the face frame. However, what you gain when a slide-out shelf is installed, is complete access to the back of the cabinet. Likely before slide-outs, you had to remove all the stuff in front of your shelf in order to reach your items at the back.

What are the benefits of installing slide-out shelves?

The benefits of installing slide-out shelves include increased access to cabinet space, improved accessibility to items stored in the back of the cabinet, improved home storage and organization, and money saved by not wasting groceries that become lost at the back of a cabinet.

How long does it take to install slide-out shelves?

Our expert craftsmen have installed anywhere from four slide-outs to 44 slide-outs, and we have successfully installed all the slide-out shelves in a single day!

How much does it cost to install slide-out shelves?

Each solution is custom-made and designed for your organizational needs. The price typically ranges from $2,000 to $8,000. Sometimes more if slide-outs are installed in all areas of your home.

Can I install slide-out shelves myself?

While it is possible to install slide-out shelves yourself, hiring a professional installer is recommended to ensure that the shelves are installed correctly.

Do I need to empty my cabinets before installing slide-out shelves?

Yes, you will need to empty your cabinets before installing slide-out shelves.

How thick are the side walls and bottoms?

Most have ⅝” thick or ½” thick sides, and the bottom of the slide-outs are either ¼” or ½” thick based on the needs.

What materials are used to make slide-out shelves?

Our slide-out shelves are custom made of birch wood.

How much weight can slide-out shelves hold?

Each slide-out shelf can hold up to 100 lbs. Think of this as over 120 Campbell’s soup cans. KitchenAid mixers are great on a slide-out.

Are slide-out shelves easy to clean?

Yes, slide-out shelves are easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge. Some clients choose to place a liner on the bottom.

Can I choose the height of the sides of my slide-out shelves?

Yes, we offer four sizes of heights to choose from, which fit most applications. Custom heights are also available to suit your specific needs.

Can I install slide-out shelves in cabinets with doors?

Yes, slide-out shelves can be installed in cabinets with doors.

How do I maintain my slide-out shelves?

To maintain your slide-out shelves, wipe them down regularly and check the hardware for signs of wear and tear. Your slide-outs have a lifetime warranty as long as you live in the home.

Can slide-out shelves be installed in cabinets with a center support between the doors?

Yes, slide-out shelves can be installed in cabinets with a center support, commonly known as a stile. Many times, we recommend cutting the stile off at the top and the bottom and reattaching it to the left door. This provides access to more storage space than the two small openings.

How do I know if my cabinets are suitable for slide-out shelves?

Most cabinets, old or new, are suitable for slide-out shelves. With our expert experience, we can find a solution that will make your home’s storage space more functional.

Can slide-out shelves be installed in cabinets with existing shelves?

Yes, slide-out shelves can be installed in cabinets with existing shelves. Sometimes we will mount slide-outs to your existing shelves, and other times we recommend the shelves be removed to gain better storage and accessibility.

Are slide-out shelves adjustable?

Some slide-out shelves are adjustable inside of a cabinet, while others are fixed in place. It depends on how the slide-outs will be used. Most pantry cabinets are installed with adjustable slide-outs, and slide-outs in lower bottom cabinets are fixed in place.

Can you add slide-out shelves to existing cabinets?

Yes, that’s the great thing about our custom slide-out shelves. They are made to fit your existing cabinets. No need to have a complete kitchen remodel to make your home storage spaces easy to use.

Are slide-out shelves worth it?

Yes. Many cabinets have a short ½ shelf in the middle towards the back of the cabinet and some have a full shelf in the middle of the cabinet opening.

How long has Phil Davis been helping homeowners with kitchen organization?

Phil Davis has been helping homeowners get to the space in their kitchens since 2007.

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