Kitchen Cabinet Blind Corner Solutions

Turn Your Hardest to Reach Space into The Organized Cabinet of Your Dreams!

The blind corner. The dreaded corner cabinet. You either don’t use that space at all, or you filled it up when you moved in and haven’t touched it since. Rumor has it the one Tupperware lid you looked for last Thanksgiving is still floating around in there.

We know the feeling, or, we used to know the feeling. With Slide Out Shelf Solutions we turn those awkward and impossible spaces into functional storage for your kitchen!

Lazy Susan Alternatives Are the Perfect Storage Solutions 

With a simple slide, your corner cabinet becomes easily accessible. No more searching or spinning in circles—just quick access to all your items at once.

Every slide-out is built to withstand the weight of jars and small appliances, not just your go-to ingredients. The easy glide mechanism gives you a smooth and beautiful look. Adding slide-outs to a standard 3″ drawer as a fixed installation in place of your Lazy Susan is an easy upgrade that increases storage and decreases clutter.

Blind Corner Slide Out
Kitchen Slide Out

Smoothly and Easily Access Items In Your Cabinets with Our Lazy Susan Alternatives and Blind Corner Solutions

Our team can transform your blind corner cabinets and Lazy Susans just like we do with your other cabinets and drawers.

Have you ever had something fall to the back of your corner cabinet or slip behind a lazy susan, making it impossible to reach? That pesky problem is solved with our slide-out shelf options. All of our work is customized to your space and needs, which means you will get as much accessible space as possible. No more losing things forever in the back of your cabinets, making these corner alternatives a perfect solution for your home.

These Cabinets Will Have Our Standard Amazing Features:

    • Dovetail Joint Construction for Extreme Durability
    • Holds Up To 100 Pounds While Fully Extended
    • Made in the USA
    • Lifetime Warranty on All Products

Take Back That Corner Cabinet

If you’re ready to reclaim your kitchen storage space, we’re ready to help!

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