How It Works

Effortless Process, Extraordinary Results

Introducing our seamless process for bringing the magic of slide-out shelves into your home. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of increased organization and accessibility.

1. Contact Us

The first step is to set up your free design consultation. No obligation. No Pressure. Just ideas.

2. The Plan

Next up, plan your perfect slide-out shelf solutions during your in-home or virtual appointment.

3. Construction

Your slide-out shelves are constructed in the USA and are completely customized to fit your cabinets exactly.

4. Install

The big day! Your new slide-out shelves get installed in your home in just one day.

5. Enjoy

Now you get to enjoy your new slide-out shelves and the increased organization it brought to your home!

Fixed and Adjustable Installation Options

You Can Choose Based on Your Needs Whether You Want Fixed or Adjustable Shelves.
Both installation options will still come with 100% customized slide-out shelves.

Fixed Installation:

If installed in a fixed position, the slide-out shelves cannot be moved easily, but this is a very secure installation method that will help utilize all existing space within the cabinet.

Adjustable Installation:

Installing adjustable slide-out shelves provides you with the most flexible installation. These are most requested for pantry shelves, but they can be used in other areas if this style is going to work best for your space and needs. If you decide to add more sliding shelves in the future, it is easy to do without any modifications to your current system.

We can help determine which installation method will work best for your cabinet-type and your specific needs.
You Have Your Slide-Out Shelves… Now What?

Get Professional Help Organizing Your New Slide-Out Shelves

We are your go-to experts in maximizing storage and unleashing the potential of your slide-out shelves. As professional organizers, we’re here to collaborate with you, bringing your vision to life and ensuring every inch of your new space is utilized effectively.

Let us help you create a customized solution that makes organizing a breeze and optimizes the functionality of your slide-outs. Together, we’ll transform your space into an organized paradise!

Trevor installing shelves

Discover Your Perfect Fit!

Feeling overwhelmed with how to make the most of your newly expanded space?

Let our team of professional organizers optimize the functionality of your new slide-out shelves.

Call us at (316) 712-6060 for pricing and more details.

Pantry Slide Out

Custom Organization with a Plan

Your Organizer will meet with you before your custom slide-out shelves are installed to create a custom organization plan to maximize the functionality of your new slide-outs. We’ll offer organization options, storage containers, and additional storage solutions for your spaces.

    • After your slide-out shelf installation is complete your organizer will return to help organize and customize your space with the solutions decided upon during your initial meeting.
    • Custom organization plan before install with 4 hours of professional expertise and assistance.

Pantry Slide Out

Organization & Optimization

Your professional Organizer will return after your slide-out shelf installation is complete to help load and organize your new slide-out shelves, maximizing your use of the space.

    • 4 hours of professional expertise and assistance.
Shelley Organizing lower cabinet

A Little Extra Help*

Your Professional Organizer will return after your slide-out shelf installation is complete to help load your slide-out shelves, maximizing your use of the space.


*If you want help unloading your cabinets prior to your Slide-Outs being installed, we can help with that, too!

Construction and Warranty

Dovetail Joint on Shelves
Custom Built and Made-to-Order

Slide-out shelves are built to accommodate the dimensions of your existing cabinets. There is no “standard size” or “one size fits all,” but instead your shelves are custom built to meet your storage needs. Center posts in your cabinets can be eliminated to allow room for extra wide sliding shelves.

Durable Dovetail Construction

Each patented slide-out shelf can hold up to 100 pounds when fully extended and is supported by attractive, full-extension steel ball bearing rails.

Shelves are hand-made using dovetail construction, one of the finest furniture assembly methods available and an indication of genuine quality.

Invest Wisely with our Lifetime Warranties

We believe in standing behind our products. All of our slide-out shelves come with a Lifetime Warranty.

By adding our sliding shelves in your kitchen, bath, pantry, linen closet, office, RV or workshop, you not only create an efficient storage system that works expressly for you, but you also enhance the equity and resale value of your home!

Start Your Organization Transformation

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized, accessible space.

Call us at (316) 712-6060 or use our contact form to schedule your free design consultation today to unlock the full potential of your cabinets.

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