Installing custom slide out shelves became its own business to increase existing cabinet storage.

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Slide Out Shelves

Since 2007, Phil Davis, owner of The Best Home Guys, has been installing slide out shelves for customers as a normal part of his handyman business. In the fall of 2018, he began to think that due to the demand for these uniquely helpful solutions and the overwhelmingly positive feedback that he had been receiving from his customers, he should market his shelves on their own. And so, he started a new division of his handyman business and named it appropriately Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

People from all walks of life have hired Phil to organize and bring out the space in their cabinets because they were not able to utilize it to its fullest – let alone easily.

Each Slide Out is custom-made to fit into each existing cabinet. “I meet with a homeowner or business owner and look at how they’re using their current space and then I make recommendations of how either my Slide Out Shelving or other options could be used to bring out the space a customer already has,” says Phil. “I don’t just try and fit Slide Out Shelving in everything, I want the best solution for each individual, no matter the product.”

Our HEAVY DUTY Slide Out Shelves Come In 4 Standard Styles & Can Hold Up To 100 lbs.:

3" standard size slide out shelf
3″ Low Profile Slide Out
5 inch side wall slide out shelves
5″ Double Height Slide Out
high back low front slide out shelf
Low Front/High Back Slide Out
Custom divided bin slide out shelf
Tray Bin Slide Out

However, Phil creates custom solutions to each individual’s needs based on their lifestyle, how they live currently, and how they would prefer to live. Whatever the need and application, Phil can customize the design plan to meet every homeowner’s storage and organization needs.

There are several special types of slide-outs that can be installed that solve corner storage problems, too, depending on the existing type of corner storage.

Lazy Susan Replacement with slide out shelves
“V front” slide outs replace a lazy susan
replace lazy susan with slide out shelves
Flat Front Slide Out Lazy Susan Replacement
Blind Corner Slide Out Shelves
Blind Corner Slide Out Shelf Solutions
Let us help you make your space work for you with customizable storage built specifically for your existing cabinet spaces.

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Here Is What One of Our Happy Homeowners Had To Say:

“I am thrilled with my sliding pantry shelves. Just pull out and “boom” you can quickly find and grab hold of just the ingredient you need to use. Before the shelves became sliding, I had to physically empty the front items to reach and take out those behind. Phil and his team did a wonderful job with great care and attention to detail. It was obvious they take great pride in their work. The kitchen was left immaculate so all I had to do was put back the pantry contents in an orderly fashion. I highly recommend Slide Out Shelf Solutions!”

–  Janet M.

organized closet graphic

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