7 Solutions for Relieving & Reducing Back Pain

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Back pain is a common problem, especially as we age, and it is highly likely that you or someone you know suffers from back pain.

While there are many medical options for dealing with back pain, there are also some effective, non-medical strategies that can help!

We don’t claim to be medical experts, but here are 7 tips we’ve gathered for relieving back pain that can help.

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1.Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is crucial in maintaining the health of the back and preventing back pain. By aligning the spine, muscles and ligaments work correctly, reducing strain on the back. Additionally, it reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs that can cause pain. Good posture can also improve breathing, circulation, reduce tension and fatigue, and improve overall well-being.

2. Exercise and stretch your muscles regularly

Regular exercise and stretching are important for relieving back pain, as they help strengthen back muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion. They reduce muscle tension which is a common cause of back pain and also help to improve posture and alignment, preventing further episodes of back pain while reducing the risk of injury. It is important to do exercises and stretches that are suitable for the individual’s condition and physical ability and to seek guidance of a physiotherapist or personal trainer.

3. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques

Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help to relax the muscles and reduce pain and discomfort. They also increase the supply of oxygen to the muscles, promote healing, reduce inflammation and improve overall sense of well-being by helping to reduce the perception of pain.

4. Use an ergonomic chair and move regularly

An ergonomic chair, designed to provide proper support for the spine, neck, and back, can help to reduce stress on the muscles and joints. This can be especially helpful for people who spend long hours sitting. Regular movement also helps to keep the muscles and joints supple and strong, reducing stiffness and pain and promoting flexibility and range of motion. Regular breaks or reminders to stand up and move around can help prevent muscle soreness and back pain.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

Adequate sleep can help the body relax and repair itself, reduce inflammation and muscle tension, and improve overall mood and cognitive function. This can help in the healing and regeneration of soft tissue, including muscles and ligaments and can boost the immune system and help to fight underlying infections or illnesses that may be contributing to back pain.

6. Alternative therapies

Alternative therapies such as chiropractic or acupuncture can be beneficial for people who suffer from back pain as it addresses underlying causes of back pain, rather than treating symptoms. Examples of these therapies include manual adjustments to the spine to relieve pressure on nerves and alleviate pain, insertion of needles in specific points to stimulate natural healing response, and more. It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional to determine if these alternative therapies are safe, appropriate, and beneficial.

7. Home organization and functionality

Home organization and functionality can impact relieving back pain, by reducing risk of injury and accidents. A functional living space tailored to your needs and abilities can help maintain proper posture and avoid repetitive movements that can lead to back pain. To help this, place frequently used items at waist-level in cabinets and drawers, have adequate lighting and comfortable seating. This can not only prevent back pain but also promote overall sense of well-being.

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