Custom Closet Pantry with Slide Out Shelves Example

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Custom Storage Solutions, Slide Out Shelves

So finished up with another Slide Out installation. This is the pantry, actually the closet pantry we started with and now I’ve got all the Slide Outs in here. Pam, you want to go ahead and pull some of those out then. See how those work out.

So we talked to Pam before we actually lay the Slide Outs in there, but they’re still adjustable so once we leave she can take care of and move them different places as well. So in the very bottom you got your cereals and then a little more room down there as well.

Now we added some other, what about three other cabinets I think. So we’re here next year fridge, we’ve got two down there then. So nothing’s in those yet, I’m sure you’ll fill those up, (Pam) Oh, yes, they’re waiting. By the time the end of the day is.

And over here right of your, touch a button over there, okay, there’s just a very narrow area they’re kind of hard to work with, so and now you can pull them all the way out and probably put more stuff in there than you had before. *(Pam) Exactly.

And then one more place, I think, over here it’s over by the stove there’s a nice wide area, and now you’ve got room, will you put pans in there? (Pam) Yes, I’m going to put my pots and pans in here.

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