Custom Closet Pantry with Slide Out Shelves

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Slide Out Shelves, Custom Storage Solutions

Hello, I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. I want to show you a great example about how we can turn what I call a closet pantry into a really functional pantry. One thing I’ll show you on the outside is a special hinges that we installed. Then I’ll show you what difference that makes on when we open it up inside. Replace the three hinge is what we call swing clear hinges. What that does is it brings what I call the butt side of the door over across the molding and the trim. So now we’re able to use those full within the opening that’s here.

So in this case we install slide outs to the top, second below, and these have what we call a high back is well, we’ve got a narrow in the front high in the back so things wouldn’t topple over the backside. This point you’ll notice there’s what we call pilasters on the side here with holes in it. This allows a customer to go ahead and adjust the rails and move the boxes where they like to be once we leave. Now before we leave we do adjust them for the customer they think they want them at the time, but they can always be adjusted later.

What’s nice about this pantry also is we can put in a single slide outs or narrow profile to the top, stack them tight together, and now you can lay your cans down flat and you can see what you’ve got rather than trying to pick them up. And so now everything is very visible and accessible from the slide out. Same thing down here we put three of them very tight together and so it makes a big difference, so now you can really bring up the space have. Rather than stacking in your pantry and not knowing what’s behind all of that everything, even the far back, is accessible. They’ll hold 100 pounds and they’re very durable, very strong. Custom made to fit in this opening is what allow this to happen for you.

Now let’s look at the bottom. So now down here at the bottom we installed we’ll call it a 5-inch or double height. So now we’ve got something heavier items, you see this mixer back here. Very heavy mixers, you’re probably aware, but now very easy to access and lift straight up rather being hidden behind. Another one here we’re able to have spices in the back and now you’re easily able to lift up the spice and know what you have. Now actually this customer went ahead and wrote on top of each of these spices so that she would know what was there, but still it’s very easy to get to them to work with. So this is a closet pantry, it work in any pantry as well. So I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We bring out the space you already have.

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