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by | Mar 14, 2022 | Home Organization

I don’t know about you, but it seems like when spring is right around the corner, I NEED to organize and straighten things up. The clutter of the winter months starts to get to me and it’s time for a fresh start! And this year, I decided to add some storage containers and try out some easy and fairly inexpensive ways to organize my spaces. Here are some tips & tricks that I wanted to share.

I started in my bedroom closet wanting to make things easier to get to – jewelry organization was one headache that I really wanted to find a solution for.

Problem # 1: Necklaces – I used to hang them all from one hook in the closet AND boy did they get tangled!

Solution: Command Hooks attached to the back of my closet door. The door opens and closes without the necklaces falling off their individual hoots and nothing gets tangled!

storage solutions

Problem #2: Earrings – organizing them drives me nuts! I tried to get organized with an organizer box (doesn’t that sound as if it should work?!), but, sadly, I didn’t like how it worked, it was still too hard for me to find what I wanted. While working through my first attempt at organizing my earrings, I realized that I regularly wear only a few pairs.

Solution: Weekly pillboxes seemed to do the trick. One holds gold earrings, and the other holds all the silver ones.

More organization is needed in my closet and dressers, but I hear the kitchen calling my name. Here are some ideas that I want to try later!

Problem #3: Sock and Undergarment Drawer – digging and searching for what you need can be so annoying!! Plus they look so pretty once they’re all lined up so neatly.

Solution: Drawer organizer specifically made for your intimates. Stop searching for the right pair of socks and underwear, use an organizer!

organization solution

Problem #4: Shoes – I stack my shoes in a shoe rack and it kind of works… but I don’t have any of these. LOVE THIS shoe storage solution!

organization solution custom picks

Kitchen Organization Here I Come!

I love my Slide Out Shelves! There is so much space I don’t really think about organization containers, but there are still some things that need help. To freshen up my drawers, I ordered some drawer liners. My Slide Outs really didn’t need it, but they are looking even better now!

striped drawer liner
gray drawer liner

Problem #5: Food Storage Lids – I feel like there is an attack of the plastic storage containers whenever I open this cabinet! Even when I’ve gone through and cleaned it out, I still can’t seem to find the right lid to the container I want to use.

Solution: An organizer to contain all the various storage container lids all in one place! This worked great and I am able to find all my lids.

lid organizer

Problem #6: Utensil drawers – these become a mess, often!

Solution: Individual drawer organizers I found at an outlet store and arranged them in a larger drawer. The other options I found were an expandable bamboo organizer and individual bamboo dividers that will divide up a drawer. I tried these in another drawer and I like it! One of these might work for your space?!

bamboo slots
bamboo slot drawer
adjustable bamboo drawer organizer with shelf liner
My fresh and organized utensil drawer with new liner and adjustable bamboo divider

Problem #7: Pantry organization – Slide Out Shelves in a pantry make organizing and finding exactly what you’re needing so easy! But sometimes things can still get thrown in there.

Solution: Use airtight see-through containers, they might help you with saving space and organizing. Plus, they make your shelves look really clean!

labeled containers
labeled containers all sizes
3 labeled containers

Problem #8: So many Spices – falling out of cabinets! I LOVE my Slide Out Spice Rack ever since I had it installed I can find exactly the right spice exactly when I want it. I typically keep my spices in the container they came in, but Spice Jars sure would look pretty and if you buy bulk spices they could create some more space in your cabinets!

Let us know if you’ve found any storage solutions that have worked for you – there’s always a different approach to organizing your things and what might work for you may not be what works for another person, regardless there’s always room to improve, and rearrange.

Happy organizing, let us know how we can help 🙂

organized closet graphic

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