Small Doors to Full Width Slide Outs

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Slide Out Shelves

Hello, I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. I want to show you another example of about how we can bring out the space you already have.

When you’ve got two small doors. You’ve got this what we call a stile down the middle, so you know when you open it up you’ve got a very small space to work with. What we were able to do is remove that stile, mount it to the left door, and now we’ve got a full-width opening to work with. So now there’s nothing a loss behind that center board. You’re not getting extra pull outs, just getting the three to maximize the space.

So in this case we’re able to install three slide outs. One on the bottom and what was one once a half shelf now is a full depth shelf comes out all the way full extension and on the upper one as well. So smaller odds get on the top of this thing. So in this situation we’re able to not only maximize the space by removing this stile mounting to the door but install a complete three slide outs and bring out the space you already had. So these are all custom-made to fit into existing this opening and with this case these are also adjustable once we leave for the customer.


I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We bring up the space you already have.

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