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by | Feb 15, 2022 | Slide Out Shelves, Home Organization

Do you have deep drawers throughout your home that are hard to open?

We have custom built and installed slide out shelves to replace existing drawer boxes, so you no longer have to tug and pull with all your might to be able to open them. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your drawers falling out of your cabinets because our full extension steel ball-bearing rails come to a full stop and can hold up to 100 pounds! Go ahead and put allllll you things inside your slide out drawers.

It’s your home and it should be a joy to live in, which is why we work alongside you to design custom storage solutions to meet your needs and maximize the usable space in your cabinets.

Recently we replaced a drawer box in one of our client’s kitchens with not one, but TWO slide out shelves – within the same drawer! It’s called a drawer in drawer slide out shelf solution. Our employee craftsmen will custom install this slide out solution so you can maximize and actually use all your space. The video below shows the drawer in drawer solution that we installed for our happy client.

Give us a call today at (316) 712-6060 to schedule your free in-home custom design consultation OR schedule online HERE

Simple, yet genius solutions to make your cabinet spaces easy to use and access. Our custom made and professionally installed slide out shelves make finding and storing anything a breeze. Thanks to our Extraordinary Service Promise you can trust that your slide out shelves will last a lifetime and you and your home will be respected and protected.

drawer in drawer slide out shelf storage solution
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