Walk-In Pantry Slide Out Shelves

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Slide Out Shelves

Hello, I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. I want to show you an example about what you can take a dead open space. It seems to be unfunctional. It’s not tall enough to put a vacuum cleaner and storage items. It’s just a big open box in this walk-in pantry.

What we’re able to do for Phyllis is to be able to modify this and install some custom Slide Outs in this area. So we’ve got a big box down here, I pulled a lot of items to work with and also two, three, four, five different drawers to work with. You’ll notice the cans and bottles laid down flats are very easy to see what’s in there. And your tall boxes, remember the boxers don’t have to stand up they can also lay down flat which allows you to see them to work with

So even from the very far back. Everything is now easily accessible without having to dig in the back or really wonder what is behind there go back to the store and buy what you already have. I’m Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

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